Welcome to the NEW Tourism Trade Checklist 


The Tourism Trade Checklist, formerly known as ATEC's Health & Safety Checklist, is the 'go-to' place for the trade when sourcing all business compliance information and COVID Readiness for tourism suppliers.

This new platform aims to promote quality tourism sellers who comply with Australia’s operational laws, regulations and are COVID Ready.

The checklist allows for sellers to easily upload their trade relevant information to a directory, which is then accessed by Australian-based and international buyers & trade partners. 


Apply to join the hundreds of sellers on the Tourism Trade Directory viewed by Buyers & Trade Partners!


View the DIRECTORY of tourism sellers today!


Why you should join the Tourism Trade Checklist:

Benefits for tourism sellers

  • Transparency of your businesses compliance clearly visible to Buyers & Trade 

  • Be recognised as a COVID Ready business, operating safely within the COVIDsafe guidelines

  • Stand out from the crowd and have your businesses listed on the Tourism Trade Directory accessed by Australian-based and international buyers and trade partners anytime

  • Efficiently store & update your business compliance information all in one place

  • Save time during the contracting period by providing your checklist responses instead of filling out countless self-inspection form

Benefits for buyers & trade partners

  • Find credible tourism sellers to work with

  • Check seller businesses integrity and compliance all in one place

  • Access the industry's directory of COVID Ready businesses

  • Eradicates tedious paper-based processes during contracting 

  • Access the portal to start searching for sellers via the directory, view our smart reports and find plenty of useful trade resources 



If you have any queries, please email the Checklist team at checklist@atec.net.au